About Us - History

Network Procurement® and Synchronous Management® – Over 30 Years of Successful Results

In 1983, while on the team to complete the writing and publishing of the book “The Goal”, Vic Lippa applied the term “Synchronous Management®” to the production philosophy outlined in the book. Since then the book has proved to be one of the best selling manufacturing books of all time. Vic applied these philosophies in the “real world” at several companies and decided to create his own his firm.

In 1985 Vic started the firm ‘Synchronous Management’ which has grown tremendously over the years into a Hong Kong based firm, Synchronous Management Sarasota, Inc. (SMS) firm with 36 international affiliates. While the theory of the book is easily understandable, the implementation of that theory is an entirely different manner. Since then, SMS and its affiliates have used “the theory” to identify and prioritize opportunities for hundreds of companies to address their manufacturing and supply chain issues including procurement, purchasing and sourcing. Our Lean Enterprise concepts and techniques have been employed to address opportunities globally, resulting in substantial savings for our clients and their suppliers time and time again. Give us a call, we can help!