Network Procurement - Details

The Network Procurement® process is a comprehensive agreement, which involves a great deal of technical problem solving – so that fair agreements can be put into place with tremendous results! Our implementation involves comprehensive training
for your in-house and supplier personnel, technical problem solving to actually create, implement, and maintain lasting relationships. Our team members are experts at making the process efficient and partnering with your team to realize a successful and expeditious result.

The Network Procurement® process can be implemented successfully with virtually any client organization. Our successful client engagement organizations include, but are not limited, to: manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Government, and Defense.

Developing your specific strategy and implementing the plan involves 5 detailed steps, each of which deliver great potential cost savings to your organization, your suppliers and your end customers. We “join your team” to implement the following deliverables for your organization:

  • 1. Define Goals: This step involves a detailed review of data and operations in your procurement department to set process objectives and estimate implementation benefits.
  • 2. Formulate Action Plan: Step two includes soliciting feedback from your purchasing and procurement team to customize and finalize process changes. This ensures the maximum benefit and savings for your organization and your team.
  • 3. Communicate Process: The SMI team will review the process and action plan with your organization so that the entire team is knowledgeable of the recommended strategy and approach to realizing cost savings. In this step our team makes final adjustments before implementing any recommendations, if they are required.
  • 4. Implementation: Here, working side by side with your team to execute the final Network Procurement® process plan and objectives, the SMI team ensures that the our plan is executed to perfection. This crucial step changes the purchasing and procurement function to make it more strategic and less task oriented.
  • 5. Roll-out Finally, we work with your team to launch the process of continuous improvement (PCI). This step further guarantees that the success of the final Network Procurement® changes and results will not unravel once the initial implementation phase has been completed.