Network Procurement - Overview

Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Solutions through Network Procurement®

overviewOur approach to strategic sourcing and procurement services is called the Network Procurement® process. This proprietary process enables SMI to deliver supply chain and purchasing solutions that benefit your organization. The Network Procurement® objective is to engage all of your key and valued suppliers, as well as others whom you may not have considered for your supplier base, into a relationship that delivers cost savings to all parties involved. This is achieved through deployment time reductions, supply chain efficiency, increased quality and reliability, reduced costs and increased sales for all parties involved. We call this innovative approach a “win-win-win” approach because our client realizes efficiency, the suppliers realize savings and the end user customer benefits.

Results from over $75 billion in implemented Network Procurement® agreements include:

  • Average immediate price reductions of 19%
  • Cost savings for both supplier and customer ranging from 10% to over 40%
  • Reduced time to market of 50% or more
  • Inventory reductions of 25 to 75%
  • Deliverables within scope and to schedule
  • Reliable forecasting of 6 to 12 months