Supply Chain Solutions - Supply Chain Solutions

Our two major supply chain consulting products, Synchronous Management® and the Network Procurement® Process have helped our clients reach new levels of productivity improvement reviews cool page.

  • Synchronous Management® zeros in on the constraints of an organization, including managerial, processing, organizational and general constraints, and devises an approach to address and resolve those constraints to improve throughput through the company. Synchronous Management® can provide a firm with 90% of the full benefits of a Lean implementation at 10% of the cost of a traditional approach.
  • The Network Procurement® Process is revolutionary in that it is based upon the reality that nobody wins in the supply chain unless everybody wins. The strategy is to align supplier and purchaser into an arrangement that allows closer cooperation and teamwork than ever before, bringing an even greater win to the end user customer. The service improvement between supplier and purchaser affords a win for everybody in the supply chain.

The Network Procurement® Process is fast, ethical and so effective that many clients implement solely as a “turnaround” measure to recover and enhance profitability. Clients that have implemented our process with their supplier base often started out as suppliers winning NPAs (Network Procurement Agreements) themselves and became so enamored with the results that they implemented the process in their own organization.
The bottom line is that unless a supply chain initiative allows everybody in the chain to win, everybody will lose! Where there is a profit motive, the Network Procurement® Process has been proven effective!

Our working method differs from the usual consulting model in that we will perform an assessment on the client’s organization, goals, resources and constraints, design a process to leverage assets and resolve constraints, recommend a team structure to implement and then join the team with our own responsibilities on that team for implementation. Initial payback is generally within three months, with annualized benefits in the ten times cost range. Those benefits goon on year after year, even being enhanced through the process of continues improvement, continuing long after our involvement is finished. Some clients with whom we have maintained contact include those who have had increasing benefits for over twenty years now.