Supply Chain Solutions - Global Sourcing

Global sourcing can help you save time and money and provide competitive advantages within your manufacturing value chain. Global sourcing and procurement can also help you compete in a more cost competitive environment. One of our consulting specialties is helping our clients implement the right global sourcing strategy for their particular business model. Global sourcing can be combined with our Synchronous Management® and Network Procurement® offerings to provide significant purchasing and procurement competitive advantages. We have implemented these solutions for many of our clients and seen the results of a fully integrated implementation.

Our global sourcing and supply chain consulting includes:

  • Network Procurement® for reducing raw material supply uncertainty and waste in the procurement process
  • Taking advantage of 24 hour supplier delivery
  • A Total Quality view of the business for process stability
  • Integration with a Changeover Time Reduction approach that can cut changeover times from 50 – 90% in three months

General Lean consulting processes that we can pair with global sourcing also include Cellular Manufacturing, Automation, and Material Requirements Planning. With Synchronous Management® a variety of strategic and tactical Lean Enterprise actions are synchronously implemented to address the constraints, with a resulting synergistic impact upon firm profitability. Our objective is to achieve the orchestral function – where the overall effect of the various synchronously applied activities vastly exceeds the sum of the parts!