Supply Chain Solutions - Lean Manufacturing

Synchronous Management® is our answer to your Lean manufacturing needs. Our lean manufacturing consultants work to implement our patented process for your firm’s benefit. SMI’s team has a demonstrated track record of helping our clients realize ongoing benefits through global lean manufacturing implementations. Our lean manufacturing consultants are experienced in every area of lean process strategy and implementation and value realization. We have implemented our processes in lean manufacturing and supply chain settings in virtually every industry and vertical around the world.

Synchronous Management Defined – Our Approach to Realizing Lean Manufacturing Efficiency
SMI defines “Synchronous Management®” as the process of using synchronous flow management theory to identify exactly where Lean Enterprise actions would yield the most benefit in the fastest possible time. Our lean manufacturing consultants utilize this process to accelerate the benefits of Lean Manufacturing and Enterprise, and to assure that the greatest amount of the potential benefit is realized in the early stages of the process. This “pareto” or “focused” approach to a Lean manufacturing implementation and enterprise requires a complete rethinking of the strategy and objectives of the firm. SMI will help your organization identify, plan and implement a personalized lean and supply chain efficiency plan that will best benefit your company. We do not use a cookie cutter approach to apply process changes because each enterprise is different. Our personalized approach and proprietary process are how we help our clients succeed with lean manufacturing improvements.