Typical Results - Typical Results

Our Synchronous Management and Network Procurement® processes have proven effective in virtually every industry procurement and commerce process that we have encountered. Typical annualized savings range anywhere from 10% to 40% or more of procurement costs, with annual procurement savings averaging 19%. One client explained our methods as “life changing” and clearly that is our desired result. Our implementation of Synchronous Management has caused our clients to rethink their whole cost accounting and utilization concepts. This comes from our tremendous results including seeing a doubling in throughput, halving in inventory, 20%+ cost reductions and vast quality improvements in the first six months of implementation. Our processes not only slash prices from the outset, they also leave both supplier and buyer far happier and profitable in the relationship.

Some of our past results include:

  • Recurring lead time reduction: from up to 52 weeks to a typical 24 hour release against forecast quantities. Upon learning the detail of our methods 99%+ suppliers will say “sure I can do that!”.  Improved quality, delivery, obtained commitment to replace defective parts in 48 hours or less, and a structure for supplier and buyer to achieve additional value added benefits of 7% to 15% every year going forward.
  • Manufacturing (Electronics) Savings and Results: inventory cut 29% in three months; 30% reduction in purchase prices by the end of the first year; “Team Quality™” program which bolstered morale, improved productivity and increased sales.
  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting: Pull Signals implementation among a supplier / client firm network of 8 plants located in the Pacific Rim within a 10,000 mile circle and employing over 13,000 personnel. Reduced inventories by 25% in the first month of implementation. Went on to establish inventory controls in support of the inventory reducing / cash flow improvement objective.
  • Supply Chain Consulting: Setup / Changeover Time Reduction efforts in a large American machinery house resulting in changeover time reductions averaging 70%. Initiated, trained, and coordinated employee teams to implement the changes required to “institutionalize” the reduced changeover times.
  • Network Procurement® implementation in Europe: achieving an 18% immediate cost reduction; reduction of delivery lead times to 1 week or less (down from up to 22 weeks); quality improvements and additional Continuous Improvement program cost reductions of 9% (first year) and 11% (second year).
  • Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions: Implementation of computerized forecasting, sales, and order entry in the multi-warehouse distribution environment for a $100MM per year industrial goods supplier. Implementation of a plant-wide scheduling pull signals system to be used in conjunction with the computerized finite scheduling system in an 800-man aerospace engine prototype facility. Lead times and WIP inventory cut 65% in five months.
  • Staffing Sourcing Solutions: Recruiting and staffing the management team to position a $40MM high-tech electronics company for rapid growth. Provided interim management support for over a year while establishing the new team.
  • Contract Management and Sourcing Solutions: Selection analysis, negotiating for best (mutual) contract, and implementation of a variety of “MRP II” software packages, including interfacing with all functions.