Typical Results - Network Procurement Advantage

advantageOur approach is a “Something for Everybody” approach that delivers significant procurement and purchasing results. Our process involves re-engineering the relationship between buyer and seller – we don’t apply templates to purchasing or utilize a flavor of the month approach. Most of our clients focus on implementing Network Procurement® initially because of the drastic cost savings results and financial impact that they realize both quickly and substantially. They end up realizing that our approach is fundamentally different and that it generates both short and long term results.

30 years of business gives us access to Big Data compiled from virtually every industry – we apply these “real results” to your business. We become members of your team and teach you how to implement our procedures so that your organization can manage the ongoing process internally.

While in theory Network Procurement® is only one Lean Enterprise related technique for improving performance, typically procurement expenditures are by far a firm’s single greatest operating expense component. In view of this fact as well as the demonstrated ability of Network Procurement® to quickly cut total procurement costs on average of 19.4%, our approach quickly became the single most important Lean Enterprise action in our arsenal.

Our clients will tell you that implementing our process will drastically alter your thought process of how to conduct your procurement operations. This fundamental re-engineering is how we help you save!